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Southern Carinthia's secret ingredients for (your) perfect cycling experience


Take a large portion of the gentle landscape around the warmest bathing lakes in Europe, spice it up with a wild pinch of the Karawanken panorama, add the most hours of sunshine in Austria, as well as the most attractive valleys in southern Austria between Koralpe and Saualm and voilà: the perfect Klopeiner cycling region is ready Lake - Southern Carinthia - Lavanttal. With more than 2.000 kilometers of total route network, the Klopeiner See - Südkärnten - Lavanttal region gets every holiday rolling with relish.

Your favorite place around turquoise blue lakes

Believe it or not, 11 ½ lakes, including the iconic Klopeiner See with summer water temperatures of 28°C, invite you to explore on well-signposted cycle paths. Find your favorite spot on the shore, put your helmet on the lush green grass and jump into the refreshing, turquoise water. Whether it's a ride along the Bleiburg art and culture cycle path, the popular Drau cycle path past crystal-clear torrents to Lavamünd or a mountain tour to the sunny town of Diex with the imposing fortified churches of the Saualpe - there's something for every calf size. In the Karawanken UNESCO Global Geopark you will experience exciting rides not only above but also below ground. The region offers a colorful potpourri of sporting, cultural and recreational opportunities at any time of the year. The warmest bathing lakes in Europe, including the turquoise blue lake icon Klopeiner See, await with a colorful water and sports offer.

Suspension bridge Santa Luzia (c) SOUTH CARERNTEN

By bike over the Santa Luzia suspension bridge (c) SUEDKAERNTEN

Southern Carinthia's places of power and energy

The absolute south of Austria is known for its special power and energy spots. At 54 meters, the Wildenstein Waterfall is one of the highest free-falling waterfalls in Europe. A trip to the mystical Rosalia spring on the legendary Hemmaberg is also worthwhile for cyclists. Here you can fill your water bottle at the healing spring.Swap your bicycle helmet for a safety helmet for a short time and embark on a magical journey through time to the fascinating Obir stalactite caves in Bad Eisenkappel or the most colorful stalactite cave in Austria in Griffen. Another place of power is located directly on the Lavantradweg with a 1 km long Kneipp hiking trail at the Nepomuk chapel in the Blaiken.

Arts and Culture

You can also combine your cycling experience in southern Carinthia with a visit to the numerous museums, galleries or exhibitions. Enjoy the view on the walkable "Heaven's Stairs" at the Santa Luzia suspension bridge, one of the most famous cycle bridges along the Drau Cycle Path and follow the cycle path to the Liaunig Museum. In the art and culture metropolis of Bleiburg, not only the Werner Berg Museum invites you to linger, but also the main square with its cafés and restaurants. In the Karawanken UNESCO Global Geopark you can not only explore majestic mountain peaks or stalactite caves millions of years old in an adventurous way, but also explore the new Geo.Dom on the Petzen with an interactive exhibition of the ingenious treasures of the Geopark. In the district town of Völkermarkt, you can also stroll through the weekly fresh produce market after a visit to the district local history museum. An exciting panorama of the Lavanttal region with its cultural history, its nature, the people and more is conveyed during a visit to the museum in the Lavanthaus in Wolfsberg. In the center of Wolfsberg, you can also stock up on regional products at the weekly farmers' market or at the culinary culture market (KuKuMa for short). If you want, you can end the day culturally in the St. Paul Abbey or the treasure house of Carinthia.

Pleasure and culinary delights

If the muscle drive wears off, the numerous wine taverns and traditional inns invite you to stop by. The family businesses bring a fantastic variety of dishes to light. Enjoy traditional bacon, Jauntaler salami or juicy ham on crispy farmer's bread or let yourself be pampered with hadnoodles or freshly caught fish. In the Slow Food Travel Destination Lavanttal, real culinary delights are served from regional products. The finest apple juices, oils, liqueurs and other specialties are produced here. Numerous regional food treasures from the Lavanttal region can also be found in the House of the Region. In our traditional southern Carinthian cuisine, all gourmets get their money's worth.

Further information: www.suedkaernten.at and www.region-lavanttal.at

(c) SOUTHERN CARERNTEN Goesselsdorfer See

Gösselsdorfer See (c) Southern Carinthia


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TIP 2024:

The Carinthian bathhouse on Lake Klopein offers perfect and modern wellness infrastructure with 6 different saunas, relaxation areas, nudist area and heated outdoor infinity pool. The perfect rest and regeneration after a bike tour.


The “Seenwellness Festival” at Lake Klopein from October 03rd to 06th. From January 01.01.2024st, XNUMX: Free travel with the AKTIV CARD Klopeiner See - Southern Carinthia - Lavanttal on the S-Bahn lines throughout Carinthia and numerous free sports, cycling, hiking and fitness experiences from May to October.


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